Club goin’ up…on a Thursday. Happy Reading Day and may the odds of finding a table on the third floor of Snell be ever in your favor! As the entire Northeastern student population (minus the lucky half that are on co-op) migrates to the library, we’re here with a little pick me up of all the places anyone rather be.

  1. Anywhere but here

It’s musty, dusty and a group of students decided to take over your hard earned third floor table. You can smell the food of someone eating their Rebecca’s sandwich across the room and your stomach growls for attention.

  1. In bed

You have 7 final exams to study for (even though you’re only taking 4 classes) and suddenly every assignment you pushed back to now is catching up to haunt you. You wanna nap away your responsibilities– we do too.

  1. Steast

There’s nothing like eating away your stress at Stetson East, known for its comfort food dining options. Pro tip: if you’re feeling adventurous, step up your cramming game and stay all day in one of those corner booths!

  1. Whichever classroom these dogs are in


Someone PLEASE give us the classroom number for where all these pups are. There’s nothing better than cuddles and doggy kisses from your favorite pooch friend. Keep sending those pictures, mom! We’ll be home soon.

  1. Outside

If you’re not outside to see the sun, does it still set? We wouldn’t know either because the fluorescent lights of Snell are always on. Some vitamin D would be pretty nice right now…take a break and get some fresh air!

  1. On the beach

What’s more relaxing than sand between your toes and the sound of waves crashing onto shore? We’d love to be somewhere warm and sunny and forget about all our worries. Last minute $89 ticket to Guadeloupe anyone??

flight guadeloupe432
  1. HOME

We saved the best for last…above all, students just want to be home right now with their family and friends. Hang in there, huskies! Winter break is right around the corner and soon all of those formulas in your head will be forgotten.

Are you in Snell? Share your funniest cram sesh photos with us and procrastinate a little more!