The AAC interns are a part of a dynamic team that assists in impacting the ways that the AAC engages with the Northeastern campus. They work in tandem with the AAC professional staff to ensure that the programs are running smoothly and that we are impacting the campus to the best of our ability. Additionally, they are in charge of a variety of tasks that help keep the AAC running. These tasks range from office duties to running small programs for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community.

  • Year: 2023
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Comfort Food: Pad thai, ramen, Korean fried chicken
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I really enjoyed working at the AAC last year as a freshman. It was a great place to meet people within the Asian American community. The AAC also has a very welcoming atmosphere that created strong community bonds which is especially important in times like today.
  • Year: 2023
  • Hometown: Nashville, TN
  • Major: Chemical Engineering 
  • Comfort Food: Pho
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I chose to work at the AAC so I could be closer to my culture and heritage, something that was lacking when living in Nashville. 

Year: Freshman
Hometown: Braintree, Massachusetts
Major: Biology
Comfort Food: Vivi’s Spicy Popcorn Chicken
Why I chose to work at the AAC: I wanted to be more involved in the Asian American community on campus and to help out my peers with feeling more included. I like being able to plan and organize for events!

  • Year: 4th
  • Hometown: New York City, NY
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Comfort food: Kimchijjigae!!!
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I love the value and sense of community it provides to Asian Americans like me and I loved working here in the past!
  • Year: 3rd
  • Hometown: Cortlandt Manor, NY
  • Major: Business and Design
  • Comfort food: Pineapple buns (Bolo Bao)
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: It’s a great way to connect with the community! I’ve met so many new people through the AAC. Also, it’s always rewarding to introduce the community to someone who visits for the first time.
  • Year: First Year
  • Hometown: Washingtonville, NY
  • Major: Engineering
  • Comfort food: My mom’s champorado
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I choose to work at the AAC because I thought it would be a good way to get more involved in the Asian American community. By working at the AAC, I get to help out the Asian American community here at Northeastern, meet many people of Asian American backgrounds, and just learn more about the community in general!
  • Year: First Year
  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • Major: Business and Computer Science
  • Comfort food: NYC Pizza and shroom burger
  • Why I chose to work at the AAC: I wanted to get more involved within the Asian American community and whilst still meeting new people and networking. The opportunity to work at the AAC would allow me to do that.

Year: First Year
Hometown: Middleton, MA
Major: Undecided
Comfort food: tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes)
Why I chose to work at the AAC: I chose to work at the AAC because I wanted to be a part of a driven and caring team that provides resources to the Asian American community on campus. One of the main things I looked forward to in college was being welcomed by other Asian Americans who I could relate to and share similar experiences with. The AAC and interns I work with have provided me with those opportunities and constantly act as my support system.