Workshops & Dialogues

CIE hosts a variety of workshops and dialogues each year that are designed to provide students with a space to have transformational conversations, explore concepts of identity and inclusion and process timely, global occurrences.

Current Programs: 

Global Leadership Program: A training series to help you build the skills you need to build authentic relationships and create change in a globalized world. Program will meet in the CIE (144 CSC) from 6pm–8pm on:

March 12: Study Abroad and Boston’s campus as Global Experiences.

March 24: Global Leadership in the Co-op Experience

April 2: Building Interpersonal Relationships

Social Justice Book Club: This semester we are reading “White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide” by Carol Anderson and meet in CIE once per month from 5:30pm-6:30pm. If you have any book recommendations, let us know!

Past and current programs in this category include:

TED Talk and Table
Social Justice Book Club
Halloween: Objectification and Appropriation
Dialogue with the Associate Deans: Belonging and Community at Northeastern
Pause. Reflect. Act: Holding a space during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration 


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Identity Socials

The identity socials provide us with an opportunity to meet those with similar identities, including those that may not be evident.

Past and current programs in this category include:

Student, Faculty and Staff Experiences with Foster Care/Adoption
First Generation College Student Social
Low Income College Student Gathering
International LGBTQA Identities Social 


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Support and Advocacy Programs

A key tenet of CIE is to provide students with access to programs and services both on and off campus that support student health and development.

Past and current programs in this category include:

Identity-Based Trauma Therapy Group
Tea Talks for Multiracial Students
Women of the Diaspora


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Collaborations and Partnerships

CIE prides itself by partnering with student organizations, academic departments and campus offices to enhance our programming and expand our audience.

Past and upcoming collaborations include:

Summer Discussion Series (with the LGBTQA Resource Center)
Culture of Health Book Club (with Bouve College of Health Sciences)

Traveling Canvas Project (with College of Professional Studies)
MAJIC (with Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service)
Inclusion in the Humanities (With OIDI and the College of Social Sciences and Humanities)
Venetian Mask Making (with Office of Global Services and the Italian Club)


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