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The University supports faculty, staff and students in the peaceful and orderly expression of views, whether in support or protest, related to issues, action, events or opinions about which there may be disagreement. This policy protects those members of the University community who are demonstrating, as well as the rights of others to study and work without unreasonable disruption.

This policy applies to demonstrations on University property or in connection with University events. This policy applies to all University faculty, staff, students, vendors, volunteers and visitors.

Registration of Space; Attendees; Other Permissions
No person or organization shall hold, cause or permit to be held a demonstration on University property or in connection with a University event unless all necessary reservations of space and permissions from the Center for Student Involvement have been obtained prior to the demonstration. Such requests for reservations and permissions shall be considered by the Center for Student Involvement consistent with this policy, as well as procedures generally applicable to the planning of University and on-campus events. Only University faculty, staff and students are permitted to apply for and/or participate in a demonstration.

Any student organization seeking to demonstrate on University property or in connection with a University event must comply with this policy, as well as the procedures contained in this guide.

Please contact your CSI Program Manager if your organization intends to hold a demonstration. Student organizations must formally reserve a space through the CSI Scheduling Office prior to your event. Once your space has been confirmed, you must apply for a demonstration permit on Engage using your reservation information (date, time, location, etc.) [Note: Receiving a permit will ensure that your event does not interfere with any academic or administrative elements of the University.] Permits will be given in hard-copy to the organizer of the event which must be present and available to show upon request of a University or city official.

Expectations for Demonstrations and Attendees
Any approved demonstration must be conducted in a manner that is peaceful, orderly and consistent with University policy and applicable law. Demonstrations must not block corridors or entrances or otherwise disrupt University business. Demonstrations must not be conducted in faculty or administrative offices, classrooms, libraries, or study areas. Moving picket lines are prohibited.

Only University faculty, staff and students are permitted to participate in demonstrations. Any person participating in a demonstration other than a University faculty, staff or student will be considered a trespasser and may accordingly be required to leave University property.

All persons participating in a demonstration must comply with the reasonable instructions of University personnel, whether made prior to or during a demonstration.

The University may, in its discretion, take appropriate action, up to and including requiring the immediate cessation of a demonstration, if a demonstration at any time fails to comply with this policy. Any person or groups who commits a violation of this policy may be subject to discipline consistent with applicable University policy and procedures.

To Apply to hold a Demonstration
Fill out the Demonstration Permit Application form at least 7 days before your organization intends
to demonstrate on campus property. This form can be found on the Engage forms portal labeled “Demonstration Permit Application.”

Additional Information
All questions related to the application for, or conduct of, a demonstration on University property or in connection with a University event may be directed to your CSI Program Manager or the Center for Student Involvement at

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