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Accessibility at Events
The Center for Student Involvement is committed to providing accessibility at campus events. The following points will assist you in planning events from the outset that are accessible and welcoming to participants. There is no fee for student organizations to have accessibility services at events. 

When Planning Inclusive and Accessible Events

Venues: Events must take place in wheelchair-accessible locations, which include step-free paths of travel and public elevators if held on higher floors. Room set-up should include spaces and tables that allow for wheelchair access. Rooms with movable furniture are preferable to follow for flexibility in seating. Keep sight-lines from seating areas to stage, podium or front of room in mind. Be aware of obscured views. 

Virtual Programs: We recommend using online platforms that support multiple accessibility features such as live captioning, closed captioning, screen reader support, magnifier/zoom in and out features, auto translation, etc.

Marketing Materials: Student organizations should provide the information about accessibility on all marketing materials to allow attendees to request accommodations. Below is a sample statement to use in your marketing:

>> “If you require disability-related accommodations to participate in this event, please contact [insert student organization contact here] at least 2 weeks in advance of the event.” 

Communication Access: Communication Access Sign Language Interpreting and Real-Time Captioning (CART) enables Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants to follow lectures, presentations, videos and other auditory aspects of events. If an attendee contacts you requesting this accommodation, please submit a Request for Communication Access on the Disability Resource Center (DRC) website no less than 2 weeks before the event date. DRC staff will follow-up with you concerning event details. The DRC cannot guarantee that an interpreter or CART provider will be available without a minimum of  2 weeks’ notice. 

Plan for adequate venue lighting and sightlines for audience members. Reserve seating for Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees to be able to see Sign Language Interpreters on stage or at the front of the room.

Providing Accommodations to Students with Disabilities: All student organizations must be open and accessible to all. If a student is interested in your organization and you become aware that the student has a disability and you are unsure how to make your meetings/organization accessible, please contact the Disability Resource Center at (617) 373-2675 for recommendations. Here are some suggested tips: 

  • If you are aware of any students who are deaf or hard of hearing, arrange for an ASL interpreter. Fill-out the Interpreter/CART Request – Events Form, here on the DRC website.
  • Raise your hand to indicate your intentions to speak. This informs ALL participants of who is speaking. When several people raise their hands simultaneously, it is up to the chairperson to recognize each one and determine in what order they will be called on to speak. Always use a microphone when available.
  • Participants must speak one at a time. Participants should speak directly to the group and avoid speaking to the interpreter. It is impossible for interpreters to convey multiple conversations and it is often confusing to understand. 

Before the meeting, provide all participants with the agenda and all printed material so that attendees using an interpreter are not forced to attempt to read handouts and watch an interpreted discussion at the same time. Additionally, be prepared to create large print (16 pt. font) materials for those who are visually impaired.

The Center for Student Involvement, in partnership with Northeastern Police and Event Management will determine the attendance policy on a case by case basis. A non-Northeastern student (+1) guest for each Northeastern student may be welcome for a campus event. However, please note that attendance at certain events by non-students may be limited so that Northeastern students are not restricted in their use of the building or involvement in the event. Additionally, due to risk and safety concerns, CSI reserves the right to make an event NU only. CSI also reserves the right to determine if your event is eligible for a guest list.

Under special circumstances, the general public may be permitted to attend an event. If your student organization is planning an event in which you wish to invite the public, you must gain approval from your CSI Program Manager at least 6 weeks prior to your event.

Regardless of admission criteria, publicity and advertisement of student organization-sponsored events is restricted to campus venues. Advertising in off-campus and/or community media is prohibited. It is important for your group to consider the impact of your Facebook and other web-based publicity and to be clear about admission criteria in all of these areas. You must specify clearly on your advertising materials if your event is limited to only Northeastern students or if guests are welcome. You should also remind performers of these restrictions as well so they do not provide incorrect or inaccurate information on their social media.

AfterHOURS Attendance
AfterHOURS is typically closed to the public; shows may be NU (with NU ID) plus guest. Guests must be 18+ with a valid college ID or a government issued ID. AfterHOURS management reserves the right to make any show NU-only. Dance parties (defined as DJ-style/dance music and a clear floor with the intention of dancing) in AfterHOURS are always NU only.

If an event is expected to reach capacity, all members of the sponsoring student organization are not guaranteed access. The same entry rules apply to all students and at a first-come first-served basis. We recommend that the sponsoring group get there early so they can attend, otherwise you can place group members on the student group guest list (maximum 12 people).

Student Organization Guest List: For student group hosted events, the group may submit a guest list, which cannot exceed 12 total guests. If non-NU students are on the guest list, a group member must submit their name along with the guest they are sponsoring. Lists must be submitted by a member of the executive board ONLY on the night of the event. No changes may be made to guest lists once the event has started.

Performer Guest List: Performers may bring one guest per member of the band. Performers must submit their name along with the name of their guest to the AfterHOURS staff the day of the event.

Note: The number of people on both the Student Organization and the Performer guest lists must be subtracted from the total capacity of the event (276 persons).

Events Requiring Police Details
CSI Program Managers will inform NUPD of in-person events being planned by student organizations. The Center for Student Involvement and/or Public Safety may assign police officers to work at your event depending on the nature of the activity. If the event is funded by the SGA Finance Board, the fee for police details will be paid by the SGA Finance board. Otherwise your organization will be charged for any officers assigned to your event, so make sure to include this expense in your initial budget. The following is a sample of activities where officers may be assigned:

  • Cash is collected
  • A crowd of more than 200 people is expected
  • Event features a visitor/speaker/performer that is a public figure, political candidate, controversial in nature, or has a history of inciting crowds
  • Event will take place in a public forum (i.e. rally or adjacent to public pathways/roadways)
  • Event is open to NU +1
  • Event includes the serving of alcohol

Additional Security
Depending on the location, size, and nature of your event, NUPD may assess that your event needs additional security. If your event meets any of the below criteria, you should plan for an additional $522 in your organization’s budget planning.

  • The event will be hosted in either Blackman Auditorium or Matthews Arena
  • The event will be designated as a NU +1 event for attendees
  • The event is perceived, or reported information suggests there will be an increased security risk

>> If you are not sure about the safety or security needs for your event, please consult with your CSI Program Manager.

Note: If pursuing funding from the SGA Finance Board, include the $522 request in your budget request. If pursuing funding from the Graduate Student Government, or SGA Finance Board, this cost will be covered by their NUPD funding pool, (excludes groups with annual budgets).

Events that may Require Permits
Various events on campus, whether indoors or outdoors, may require a City of Boston permit that would come at a cost to your organization. To determine if your event will require a permit and to obtain a quote, please work with your CSI Program Manager.

Event Components that Often Require Permits:

  • Carnival Rentals (inflatables)
  • Amplified Sound Outdoors (DJ’s, etc.)
  • Races (color runs, 5ks, etc.)
  • Tents
  • Events with Alcohol

Risk Associated Activities
To ensure the safety of your organization’s activities, the Office of Risk Services requires that facilities and service providers have an adequate amount of liability insurance. The following guidelines have been developed to assist student organizations in planning social programs and ensuring the safety of those events.

Activities that may result in serious injury will require higher or additional insurance, or may not be approved by the University. All activities will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Some activities will be investigated, as well as the companies involved and the response of other universities to the activity. The decision will be made based upon Northeastern’s tolerance for risk. Potentially dangerous activities that require risk review must be discussed at least 6 weeks in advance to allow for proper vetting and review.

Dangerous Activities: To ensure the safety of those in our community, your events must be approved through the Center for Student Involvement. After careful consideration of all the risks and measures that are taken to guard against those risks, an event or activity may or may not be approved. The following is a list of activities that will NOT be permitted:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Mechanical bulls (or other activities that risk neck/spinal injuries)
  • Skydiving
  • Spelunking
  • Scuba diving (with the exception of approved activities)
  • Ice climbing 

Programs with Minors
The University is committed to promoting a safe environment for all guests on our campus, including those under the age of 18. The Office of Risk Services has created guidelines to track activities involving minors and has provided educational materials to ensure the safety of minors at events on and off-campus.

To promote the safety of minors participating in activities at or sponsored by Northeastern University, all programs must abide by Northeastern University’s Minors Policy, in addition to any applicable federal, state, or local law. Please read the entire Northeastern University’s Minors Policy by visiting Northeastern University’s Policy  website.

Chaperones are representatives of Northeastern University that may be required at your organization’s event(s). Chaperones are generally full-time Northeastern faculty or staff, but the role may be filled by other representatives as approved by your CSI Program Manager. It is the responsibility of your student organization to recruit any required chaperones. If you have concerns about this recruitment process, please consult your CSI Program Manager for guidance. CSI Program Managers may waive the requirement for chaperones at their discretion.

Chaperones will typically be required at, but are not limited to, the following types of events:

  • Any undergraduate event with alcohol
  • Overnight stays or international travel
  • Large-scale performances, dances, or events open to the public
  • Events that involve renting an outside facility, or take place at an off-campus venue
  • Programs with the potential for increased risks

Chaperone responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Maintain contact with Northeastern in case of an emergency - Emergency Contact Card
  • Provide guidance to students regarding the Northeastern Student Code of Conduct
  • Help resolve conflict(s)

Waivers may be required for some events. Please check with your CSI Program Manager for details.

The Center for Student Involvement defines solicitation as a student organization contacting an outside vendor or an outside vendor contacting a student organization for the purpose of: 

  • Selling or promoting products or services on-campus without prior permission from University officials
  • Compiling data for surveys, programs, or other purposes
  • Distributing/advertising promotional materials
  • Recruitment of members or support for an outside organization or cause
  • Providing educational information sessions for jobs, co-op, fair, etc. (exclusive of formal University of Northeastern academic classes)

NORTHEASTERN IS NOT A MARKETPLACE. SALES OR SOLICITATIONS BY ANY OUTSIDE VENDOR OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM DESIGNATED OFFICIALS OF THE UNIVERSITY. To comply with federal and state laws regarding not-for-profit corporations, Northeastern must regulate the amount of commercial activity permitted on campus. The campus shall include the physical campus and extensions of the physical campus, such as Northeastern’s website or event hosted by Northeastern students or student organizations.

>> Example of one type of solicitation: Your organization is approached by a local food vendor who would like to come to campus to sell their product and promote their new business. They want your organization to help them get space and assist with their marketing and promotion by advertising on campus.
     >This type of solicitation is not permitted. Please consult with your CSI Program Manager for any and all requests of this nature.


Drone Usage
Drone usage is being regulated on Northeastern’s campus; the policy can be found on Northeastern’s policy website. If you have questions please contact your CSI Program Manager or reach out to directly.

Invitations to Senior Northeastern Officials
If you are considering inviting President Aoun or any other senior Northeastern official to your event, you must contact your CSI Program Manager. Invitations must be routed through proper channels for consideration.

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