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Event Planning 101: For each event or program your organization plans, the below process should be outlined. If you have questions, please contact your CSI Program Manager.

(1) Student Reserves Space and Secures Funding for Program

For questions regarding reserving space, please visit CSI Scheduling.

For questions regarding funding timelines, please see the Student Government Association website for Undergraduates, or Graduate Student Government website for Graduates.

If you have questions regarding the current balance in your student organization cash or budget index, please check in with your faculty/staff Advisor or SABO.

(2) Student must submit Event Registration Request on Engage. Missed deadlines will result in cancelled or rescheduled events. See timelines below:

10 weeks before the event date if your organization is looking to host an event/event series (virtual or in person) that will require the process for bids and/or facilities contract(s) (i.e, hotel, boats, conference centers and campgrounds).

8 weeks before the event date if your organization is looking to host an event/event series (virtual or in person) that will require the execution of all other contracts.

6 weeks before the event date if your organization is looking to host an event/event series (virtual or in person) that does not require the execution of a contract with an external party.

3 weeks before your barbecue or fundraiser.

If you have questions about how to submit this Event Registration Request, please see this How-To Guide or reach out to your CSI Program Manager. Do not complete this form: 

(3) Student Meets with CSI Program Manager
After completing your Event Registration Request, your CSI Program Manager will be notified via Engage. They will follow up with you to talk more about your program over email, in person, or virtually. In this meeting, you and your CSI Program Manager will discuss event goals and details. 

(4) CSI Program Manager Creates Board and Shares with Student
CSI uses a project management tool called to plan and track all student organization programs through email automations, due dates, resources, and detailed instructions for assigned tasks. 

Your CSI Program Manager will send an email invitation to join and to view the “board” created for your event. You should create your account with your email. Refer to the Student Manual to learn terminologies and to learn how to use the platform, or connect with your CSI Program Manager.

(5) Student and CSI Program Manager use to Execute Program
You and your CSI Program Manager will follow the instructions and timelines outlined on your program-specific board to complete the necessary steps to successfully execute your program.

Contracts and Insurance
A contract is REQUIRED whenever your organization hires and pays performers, service providers, or hosts an event off-campus. Such arrangements are a legal obligation between the business or performer and Northeastern University. This may even be applicable if no money is being exchanged.

Why Do We Contract?

To protect your organization and Northeastern University by determining who is legally and rightfully responsible.

To ensure you are getting what is being paid for and that vendors are clear what you are providing.

To guarantee payment to the vendors.

The following are examples of when a contract is needed. This list is not exhaustive and subject to change, so please work with your CSI Program Manager to determine if any components of your event require a contract.

PERFORMER: Comedian, Speaker, Musician/Band

SERVICE PROVIDER: Catering, Equipment Rental, Carnival Game, AV Rental, Workshop Facilitator, DJ, Transportation

OFF-CAMPUS FACILITY: Boat/Cruise Ship, Bar, Hotel, Conference Center, Retreat Site

Note: Your virtual event may need a contract if you are utilizing an external performer, speaker, online platform, etc. Please consult with your CSI Program Manager to determine if your virtual event needs a contract.

Purchasing Group Sales Tickets
This may require a contract. Please speak with your CSI Program Manager before purchasing group sales tickets for any off-campus activity.

Virtual Programs
Virtual programs must be targeted to the NU community only, and must be hosted on MS Teams or Zoom, which are pre-approved by Northeastern. Only a small number of programs may be approved for the NU community and beyond, so please speak with your CSI Program Manager to discuss options for hosting events open to the general public.

Film and Video Screenings
Copyright laws REQUIRE that your organization pay for the rights to films and videos from a licensed distributor when screening in a public place. Please meet with your CSI Program Manager if you have questions about potential exceptions to this policy or to get quotes.For quotes from a licensed distributor on the cost for the rights to screen any film or documentary, please check out:

The following are NOT considered licensed distributors and do NOT qualify as paying for the rights to a film:

  • Purchasing the film on DVD
  • Renting from the library (Northeastern or local)
  • Online streaming services (such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.)

Live Music Performance
If your student organization is looking to host a concert in AfterHOURS, Blackman, CSC Ballroom, Fenway Center, or virtually, all artists and audience type (ex. NU only, NU +1) must be approved by the Concert Committee, which comprise full-time staff members from the Center for Student Involvement and Event Management. The committee reserves the right to alter your event plan. Please contact your CSI Program Manager at least 10 weeks before your event date to begin this process.

Contest, Pageants, and Date Auctions
Auctions are NOT permitted. All identities must be eligible to participate in contests and pageant type events. Winners are to be selected by a panel of judges during the event. Please be in contact with your CSI Program Manager at least 10 weeks in advance for further planning.

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