Do you have questions about booking space on campus through Scheduling? Here’s your one-stop shop featuring some common questions and answers. If you do not find an answer you’re looking for here, please drop us a line at

Q: Who can book rooms through CSI?
A: Only Northeastern recognized student organizations (Presidents, Treasurers and Scheduling Coordinators), faculty, and university staff can book rooms at the CSI.

Q: How do I book a room/space/table space?
A: You can check for room availability and book spaces yourself through NU Scheduling Space Online, found under the Self-Service or Community tab of your myNortheastern.

You can also directly email us ( or call us (617-373-2632) to request the space. Let us know the date and time you are looking for, and give us the name of the group you are with, the name of the event, and your contact number. Depending on the room we may ask how many people you are accommodating and what kind of room setup you need.

Q: Is this room free during that time on this date?
A: You can check for room availability yourself through NU Scheduling Space Online, found under the Self-Service or Community tab of your myNortheastern.

Q: The NUSSO on myNortheastern is giving me so much trouble!
A: You are still free to put in your bookings through us directly via email, phone, or in person at our office. However, it would make the process much faster and easier if you checked the availability of the spaces you want online, before you come to us with your request.

Q: How do I get AV/tech support in my room?
A: If you need tech support in a room in Curry Student Center, you can contact the operations desk at 617-373-5429 or at For all other spaces, please contact the ITS help desk at 617-373-4357.

Q: What rooms does CSI book?
A: We book the following spaces:

  • All rooms and spaces in Curry including meeting rooms, dance studios, and all tabling spaces. As well as Egan 206 and 306.
  • Major Event spaces: the Ballroom, Afterhours, West Addition, the Indoor Quad, Blackman Auditorium, Fenway Center, and McLeod Suites.
  • Outdoor spaces: Centennial Commons, Krentzman Quad, Library Courtyard, Science Quad, Freshman Quad, West Village Quad, Speare Wiffle Ball Field, WVG Sand Volleyball Court.
  • Hastings Hall, International Village and East Village classrooms (except for 8AM-6PM on weekdays)
  • Other select academic classrooms at Ell, WVG, 300 Richards, and 107/109 Robinson after 6pm on Weekdays only. Ryder music rooms are available to music groups only.
  • NOTE: If you want any other academic classrooms, you need to submit an academic classroom request form. The Registrar may accommodate your request depending on availability.

Q: Can I book for next academic year?
A: In general, we only book for the current academic year through our normal first-come, first served process. Requests for the following academic year can be submitted through the Call for Programs, which usually opens in March. Reservations for summer spaces usually open in April.

Q: Who controls Egan and the Raytheon Amphitheater?
A: You can find relevant information and request the space at

Q: Who controls the cultural centers?
A: Please contact the respective cultural organizations about using their space.

Q: Who controls the East Village Conference space?
A: The East Village Conference space is currently reserved for VIP and High-profile events only, and is not open for general staff and student use. With Senior Vice President approval, you can request use of the space here:

Q: I need more information about the major event spaces and their cost.
A: Each major venue has a detailed information packet, and it can all be found at