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Program Manager
All recognized student organizations are assigned a CSI Program Manager. Your Program Manager is a member of the Center for Student Involvement staff who serves to guide and assist you in the process of programming. Knowledgeable in contracting, facilities, and policies, your CSI Program Manager plays an integral role in helping plan your event(s). You can find the CSI Program Manager list here.

Advisors, as well as Co-Advisors, if applicable, are required to be full-time faculty or staff members at Northeastern, often in a department outside of the Center for Student Involvement. Your organization’s Advisor will advise you on all matters outside the realm of event planning and programming. All expense transactions require the signature of the organization’s Advisor. Advisors should regularly review the status of the organization account in Banner to ensure the integrity of transactions against the account.

Each Advisor must complete the Faculty/Staff Advisor Agreement and the SABO Advisor Banner Access form to gain signature authority.

**AN ADVISOR MAY NOT SIGN CONTRACTS ON BEHALF OF THE ORGANIZATION OR NORTHEASTERNAll contractual agreements must be processed through the Center for Student Involvement and require official Northeastern signatories.

Like the officers, the Advisor is held responsible for your organization’s adherence to Northeastern policies and procedures. ADVISORS MAY NOT RESERVE SPACE ON BEHALF OF YOUR STUDENT ORGANIZATION. Reserving space is the responsibility of the student leaders within the organization. This policy helps to prevent miscommunication and discrepancies regarding financing and information about the spaces reserved.

Student Organization Training Experience
Every Fall a required training will be provided for clubs and organizations as an opportunity to learn necessary skills for growth and success for the upcoming academic year. At least one executive board member from your organization must complete the training. Methods for this training will vary (including in-person and online) and will be announced at the beginning of the school year.

Recognition/Starting an Organization
The new student group recognition process is one full academic year for undergraduate organizations, and one full semester for graduate organizations. To start the process, submit the new student club proposal application here. Make sure to monitor our website for announcements for when applications open and close. Once your application is submitted, a CSI staff will contact you with further instructions.

Officer Eligibility
All elected or appointed officers of student organizations must be full-time students at Northeastern. Undergraduate organization officers must be undergraduates (with the exception of a graduate representative for those undergraduate organizations that are permitted to have such a position on their executive board). Graduate organization officers must be graduate students, and they must make satisfactory progress towards a degree as defined by the program or graduate school. 

Any student wishing to hold an office position must have, and maintain, a 2.0 overall grade point average (GPA) prior to being elected or appointed to that position. Individual organizations may require higher GPA’s at their discretion. The Center for Student Involvement will not provide member’s grades to anyone in the organization.

Students that are on academic, or other forms of probation, or on a disciplinary status of deferred suspension (or higher), may not hold any office or position either by elections, appointment, or petition in any student organization.

Reporting Changes Between Registration Periods
Student organizations are required to keep their records up-to-date with the Center for Student Involvement. Any time there is a change in leadership, Advisor, constitution, group name, officers, etc., student organizations are required to update their Engage profile. In addition to notifying our office of changes, the Student Activities Business Office (SABO) also requires that changes in Advisor be reported to their office immediately so financial records remain accurate. You may notify their office by completing the SABO Account Registration Process on their website.

Sources of Funds
All students pay mandatory fees each academic semester they are enrolled at Northeastern University. The funds generated from these fees are used for student programming and initiatives. The following are the types of fees assessed.

Student Activity Fee (SAF): Administered by the Finance Board of the Student Government Association (SGA) for undergraduate student organization programming. For a detailed description of the SAF funding request process and requirements, visit or contact them at (617) 373-2651.

Graduate Activity Fee (GAF): Administered by the Graduate Student Government (GSG) for individual graduate student conferences and graduate student organization funding to support programming and initiatives. For information, visit or contact them at (617) 373-4502.

Resident Activity Fee (RAF): Administered by the Resident Student Association (RSA) for residence hall programming. These funds are not typically available to student organizations, with the exception of RSA. For information, visit or contact them at (617) 373-4502.

Your Bank: Student Activities Business Office (SABO)
All organizational finances must be handled through SABO, student organizations may not hold a bank account outside of Northeastern. In order for your organization to establish an account, it must be recognized and in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement. Organizations must fully re-register once each semester to maintain an active status. Failure to do so will result in your organization being declared inactive and all funds in your account(s) will be frozen. With the exception of deposits, no activity will be permitted against the account(s) until your organization is re-registered and in good standing with CSI.

BUDGET ACCOUNT (Index):Funds allocated by the Student Activity Fee or Graduate Activity Fee are placed into the student organization’s Budget Account. Student fee money may only be used for pre-approved expenses. All expenses require the organization’s Advisor’s signature for approval. Any balance in a Budget Index at the end of the fiscal year does NOT roll over and is reallocated back to the funding entity for future funding.

CASH ACCOUNT (Index):Funds in the student organizations Cash Account may be spent at the discretion of your organization, with the exception of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or personal products. All expenses require your organization’s Advisor’s signature. Any remaining funds in the Cash Account at the end of the fiscal year stays with your organizations, and are carried forward into the next fiscal year.

Purchasing/Ways to Purchase
When necessary, student organizations may purchase items such as equipment, giveaway items, and other event supplies through the Student Activities Business Office’s reimbursement form or Purchase Order (P.O.) Process. Contact your CSI Program Manager PRIOR to any purchasing.

Student Organization Treasurer Responsibility
It is the Treasurer’s primary responsibility to follow all University, CSI, and SABO published rules and regulations, and to relay financial information to organization members. Treasurers should work to educate their board and members to ensure decisions are inclusive of the group before final decisions are made. All expense transactions require the signature of the organization’s Advisor – NO STUDENT SIGNATURE IS AUTHORIZED. ANY STUDENT FOUND VIOLATING RULES, REGULATIONS, AND POLICIES WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION OF THEIR ADVISOR, MAY BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND MAY BE HELD PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS INCURRED.

Box Office and Ticketing
The following policies refer to non-athletic events; The Northeastern University Box Office is the required method by which to sell tickets, free and paid, to any events sponsored by campus departments or student organizations. Tickets must be sold exclusively through the Northeastern University online ticketing system (myTickets for the Northeastern community, for the General Public).

All requests for ticketing services must be submitted online via the Ticketing Request Form at least 14 calendar days prior to your preferred on-sale date. This form can be found on your Event’s board, work with your CSI Program Manager if you any questions.

All Northeastern events, whether sponsored or hosted by on or off-campus entities, are subject to a $3-per-ticket fee that will be built into the ticket price. It is the responsibility of the event promoters to include the $3 fee in all advertised prices to provide consistency. This fee does not apply to free tickets sold through the Box Office.

All events must have fully executed contracts before tickets may be put on sale. Student organizations must consult with their CSI Program Manager prior to deciding on a sale date.

Due to credit card processing schedules, paperwork to transfer revenue for ticket sales is submitted to the budget office (minus applicable fees) the 15th of each month. Ticket revenue will be transferred to the appropriate account around or after the 15th of the month following your event.

Box Office and Ticket Printing
Please meet with your CSI Program Manager to discuss the attendance policy for your event before completing the Ticketing Request Form. Student events will need approval from your CSI Program Manager before tickets may be sold. Student organizations are permitted to request complimentary tickets for events they are sponsoring which can be completed via the Ticketing Request Form.

For all ticket types that are offered at a specific dollar amount, the cost of ticket printing shall be accounted for in the associated $3 ticket fee.

For all ticket types that are offered as free tickets, the policy on any ticket printing fees will be determined by the quantity of tickets that need to be printed. Please email to discuss your printing needs.

Additionally, if any organization requests (or is required) to use the Box Office ticket stock for their ticket printing purposes, but does not plan on selling the tickets through the University ticketing system, the $0.25 ticket print fee will apply. The fee will be rounded to the nearest dollar and payment can be made directly to the Box Office.

CSI Scheduling and Spaces
When scheduling programs outdoors, student organizations should keep in mind the impact that such programming may have on the campus and surrounding communities. As such, programs with amplified sound, or that may be deemed a potential disturbance to others (including BBQ’s, carnivals, outdoor concerts, etc.), may be limited to certain dates, times, and locations as set by the CSI staff. CSI reserves the right to deny (or limit) any programs that may pose a significant disturbance to the campus community or surrounding Boston neighborhoods. For more information about spaces and guidelines please visit our Scheduling page.

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