The following items must be updated in order for your organization to remain in good standing with the Center for Student Involvement:

  • Engage profile must be updated with contact information for current student organization leadership. Failure to provide NUIDs for the President, Treasurer, and Scheduling Coordinator will result in loss of access to NUSSO.
  • Remove all non-active members from your organization's roster. Instructions on how to update your roster can be found here.
  • The anti-hazing agreement must be up-to-date. Please make sure the agreement date is current or your registration will not be considered complete.
  • Your Advisor and at least twelve members must be listed on your membership roster.
  • Complete the Student Organization Training Experience on Canvas. To check your organization's status click here!
  • Read SABO's quick reference guide.

To register your organization, go to your Engage profile, and follow the prompts under the “Re-Register this Organization” button located on your Organization's page. A step-by-step guide to registration can be found hereNOTE: You will need to be an administrator of your organization in order to complete registration for your group. Please contact your previous president to update the roster and administration permissions to gain access.

Registration must be completed by January 19th for FSL Organizations and March 1st for all others to remain in good standing! Organizations that fail to update their information will be considered inactive after that point and will lose access to privileges granted to student organizations.

Should you have questions regarding the registration process, please contact us at