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Organizations not abiding by the policies set below may assume personal liability for any and all damages or injuries that result. This section is applicable and must be completed for all types of travel.

Testing Status

  • On-campus students (either living-on or regularly coming in-person) must be up-to-date with required NU testing schedule
  • Off-campus students (full-time remote with no regular visits to campus) must have completed a test within the prior 2 days of the event with a negative result

Domestic Travel
One member of your organization must complete the following:

  • Student organizations planning trips outside the City of Boston must complete the Travel Authorization Form on Engage
  • All student organizations traveling must appoint a student trip leader. This trip leader must be on the organization’s executive board and communicate with their CSI Program Manager before the date of the trip.

Each attendee of your trip must complete the following:

  • For non-ticketed events, a Program Release form must be signed by each participant
  • Each student driver (if applicable) is required to complete the Driver Agreement Form on Engage

If the organization’s travel is outside of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, each student taking part in the trip must complete “myTravel Plans” via the myNortheastern portal prior to departure. Failure to have a completed entry in “myTravel Plans” is considered to be in violation of the “General Expectations” section of the Student Code of Conduct.

Types of Travel
Schedule a meeting with your CSI Program Manager to discuss the below options before making any arrangements.

CHARTER BUS: To request a quote for the University’s preferred charter bus company please use the Student Activities Business Office Bus Request Form, (this is just a quote). You must then confirm with SABO if you’d like to reserve the bus. After the trip, SABO will provide your organization with an invoice and you will need to submit a Direct Pay Form to process payment.

NORTHEASTERN VANS: Driving courses and other criteria must be met for all drivers before vans will be reserved. To become an approved driver please contact Transportation at (617) 373-2343. You must submit the SABO Van Request Form if you are interested in reserving a Northeastern Van.

RENTAL VEHICLE: Students are permitted to reserve rental vehicles for the purpose of travel as it relates to student organization business. However, 15-passenger vans are prohibited.

  • All liability will be the responsibility of the traveler and vehicles cannot be reserved under the name of “Northeastern University”
  • Vehicle rentals cannot be direct billed to a student organization account, nor can it be paid for in advance
  • All vehicle rentals must be paid for by an individual and then reimbursed upon completion of the trip
  • The rental contract, clearly indicating the total amount paid, should be submitted in the Direct Pay Request Form
  • Student organizations are strongly encouraged to purchase collision damage waiver insurance

AIR TRAVEL: Organizations are REQUIRED to meet with a member of SABO before reserving flights to discuss the process and arrange payment. Expedia is the preferred airfare reservation vendor at Northeastern.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Northeastern University partners with an external vendor to provide travel and country information, education and awareness, and incident response to University international travelers while traveling on University business. These travel services work in conjunction with Northeastern’s safety and security, risk management and international travel programs. When you travel on a University sponsored program, you will have access to many resources ranging from medical referrals to lost passport assistance. Meet with your CSI Program Manager to get the full list of services. More international travel information can be found on Northeastern’s International Travel website as well as the Northeastern Global Experience Office website.

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