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Allston Christmas

When over 200,000 college students move into their apartments and dorms come fall, locals celebrate what’s known as “Allston Christmas”. Around the time of September 1st, the city of Boston experiences the biggest housing churn of the year– one of the funniest, scariest and most outrageous events you’ll ever witness.

In 2008, this phenomenon became big enough to finally have its own definition onUrban Dictionary. So big, in fact, that there’s a song named after it and a 12 episode web series about it. And of course, there’s a hashtag for #Storrowing, the countless U-Haul drivers that get stuck thinking they can make it under the bridges on Storrow Drive.

Here’s a real sign from the Allston Christmas of 2015 (Really):

allston christmas 3

Besides driving your moving truck into a low bridge (if you believe hard enough, you can squeeze past anything….right?), here are a couple of other things to stay away from:

Mattresses (or anything else that could have bed bugs):


Someone else’s cat:

allston christmas

A haunted chair:

allston christmas 4

So what does that mean for you, huskies? Certainly don’t count on finding everything you need for your first apartment off the streets of Allston, but with a little luck you might just stumble across a couple of good finds. Dressers and coffee tables are always relatively risk-free items that can add a nice touch to your new place. You know what they say…one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.Share your finds with us on social media! Happy hunting.