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NU Bucket List – #34

November Project

Bojan and Brogan started the legendary November Project in Boston, a free fitness movement that encourages people of all ages to get outside. These workouts happen rain or shine– no excuses, no signups…just show up!



Every Friday, the new workout destination will be posted on the November Project Tracker, where you’re responsible for running to before the workout. Monday at 6:30 am, everyone meets at the location to gather around a deck of cards. Cards will be consecutively drawn from the deck; red cards are situps and black cards and pushups. Every card has a numeric number that directly translates to the amount of reps you have to do.

Stadium Workout


6:30 am on Wednesday’s at Harvard Stadium are a staple in any November Project workout. Just because we don’t have a football team doesn’t mean you can’t have a kickin’ morning sesh! Choose between 4 different workouts that vary in flights of stairs and duration to meet your individual needs.

Summit Avenue


To round out a week’s worth of cardio, Summit Avenue (the street leading to Corey Hill) is an intense hill workout that adds up to be 4 miles. The gradient of the hill ranges from a steady 7% to up to 15% as you near the top. See you Friday at 6:30 am!

Now that classes are starting up, this is the best time to incorporate a workout routine into your weekly plans! And since they all start at 6:30 am, there’s no excuses for having conflicting schedules?