NU Bucket List #72: Rebecca’s

Looking for food on campus but are tired of the dining hall? Wanna be able to get rid of a meal swipe while you’re at it? Head to one of Northeastern’s best and most popular eaterys on campus, Rebecca’s! For delicious hot meals, friendly service, and amazing paninis, Rebecca’s is the place to be!

Since 2010, Rebecca’s has been serving students great food and allowing them to avoid spending extra cash while doing so. Their student meal plan exchange program lets students spend one meal swipe to get things such as a grill meal or a sandwich with chips with a drink included. Rebecca’s also accepts husky and dining dollars, cash, and credit!

One of the most popular areas of Rebecca’s is their panini/sandwich area, with lines that can sometimes reach the door. Some of Rebecca’s most popular pre made sandwiches include the Nichole and the Niall. If you don’t like something on a premade sandwich, one of Rebecca’s friendly sandwich makers will be happy to accommodate you!

Want to avoid the crazy lines during the lunch rush? Rebecca’s opens at 7am and is usually much calmer throughout the morning. Have a yummy breakfast sandwich or french toast with bacon, or grab a sandwich early for a lunch to look forward to later! Make sure to head over to Rebecca’s at least once during your time at Northeastern, but we guarantee you’ll be back for more!

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