NU Bucket List #74: Study Abroad

Love traveling and learning about new cultures? You’ll definitely want to take advantage of Northeastern’s many study abroad opportunities! With a global network stretching over all 7 continents, there’s a study abroad location for all students of all majors! Read on to find out which study abroad option is the right one for you!

Traditional Study Abroad

The traditional study abroad program occurs during a full Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Students will take classes at one of Northeastern’s many partner institutions which will be taught by local professors. For a truly immersive schooling experience, traditional study abroad is the program for you!

Global Co-op

Global Co-ops give students the chance to work with a variety companies and organizations across the world! For 4 to 6 months, students will learn by working in a new culture and a different office environment than those of the United States. Students will need to work with Employers, Co-op Coordinators, and the GEO Office to organize this experience.

Dialogue of Civilizations

Want to go abroad, but don’t want to be away as long as a traditional study abroad or a global co-op requires? Then the Dialogue of Civilizations program is the one for you! Dialogues are faculty-led programs that are offered during both Summer semesters. On average, students spend about 30 days abroad with their faculty leader on a Dialogue, learning about a specific topic or subject they have chosen.