What is a standard drink? What is tolerance? What are some strategies to reduce risk? What are some signs of a medical emergency due to alcohol?

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Alcohol and Sex

How can alcohol affect decision making and experiences with sex?

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How does cannabis affect memory, cognition, and sleep? What are symptoms of withdrawal? How does cannabis affect a person’s ability to drive?

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Prescription Drugs

How common is prescription drug misuse at Northeastern?  What does misuse mean and what are the potential effects?

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Other Drugs

Learn more information about drugs such as cocaine, hallucinogens, amphetamines, opiates, inhalants, and club drugs.

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Medical Amnesty Policy

Students/organizations are strongly encouraged to call for medical assistance for themselves or for another student who they are concerned about as a result of alcohol or other drugs.

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Interested in the science behind alcohol and other drugs?

Check out our information sheet or find out more from specific topic pages above.