Individual Check-ins

All meetings are confidential, supportive and non-judgmental.

Individual check-ins include two fifty-minute meetings with staff. Meetings focus on discussing your alcohol, marijuana and/or drug use, giving personalized feedback, and developing strategies to help you make informed decisions about alcohol and/or drugs.

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OPEN Group

Groups are ninety minute discussions that cover facts and tips to minimize the not-so-good effects associated with alcohol.

Groups have five to eight students and are led by one or two staff. All meetings are confidential and only your participation and completion of a sanction will be reported to OSCCR or your RD.

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Online Check-ins

Not in Boston? No worries.

Complete a check-in or group virtually. Find more online information, resources, and other services.

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eCheckup to Go

The Electronic Checkup to Go includes online alcohol and cannabis questionnaires that provide quick, confidential feedback to you about your alcohol or cannabis use, highlighting how your use compares to other NU and other college students.

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