Below, we have compiled a list of free and lower cost sexual health supplies for those living in the Boston area.

Free Sexual Health Supplies

This list was last updated in October 2021.

Location Address Types of Supplies Notes
Northeastern UHCS Forsyth Building, 1st Floor, 70 Forsyth Street, Boston, MA 02115 External condoms Supplies in the waiting room 
GLASS 75 Amory Street, Garden Level, Boston, MA 02119 Safer sex kits Offers free safer sex kits for walk-ins. LGBTQ+ friendly 
Greater Boston Health Clinic – Planned Parenthood 1055 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215  External condoms Most health clinics offer 12 free condoms to walk ins 
Whittier Street Health Center  1290 Tremont St, 3rd Floor Family Medicine Green, Boston, MA, 02120 External condoms Walk-in clinic open 8:30am-4:45pm
Fenway Health  Ansin Building,1340 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215 External condoms May need to get STD tested to receive free health supplies. Testing available for men who have sex with men and transgender individuals 

Places to Buy Sexual Health Supplies 

This list was last updated in October 2021.

Location Supplies Available Price Range Notes/Location 
CVS Pharmacy External condoms, Lube Prices ranging from $0.50-$2 per condom Many locations around Boston; 231 Mass Ave is closest to campus
Walgreens External condoms, Lube $0.50-$2 per condom  Many locations around Boston 
Target External condoms, Lube  $0.50-$2 per condom  Fenway location closest to campus 
Good Vibrations in Brookline  External condoms, Lube  $1-$4 per condom Free shipping on orders over $69 
Amazon External condoms, Lube, Oral dams $0.30-$1.50 per condom 
Wollaston’s External condoms  Prices vary; visit store for options  Two locations on campus; Marino and West Village B






For more information on barrier methods, proper use, and instructions, please see our page on Using Protection/Barrier Methods. 

Internal Condoms 

Internal condoms, sometimes called “female” or FC2 condoms, consist of a nitrile sheath and outer ring and a polyurethane inner ring. They protect against STIs when inserting body parts or sex toys vaginally or anally and are latex-free. The end of the internal condom with an inner ring goes into the vagina/anus to keep it in place and the outer ring remains outside the vagina/anus. Some people may opt to remove the inner ring if inserting the condom anally. It is important not to remove the inner ring if inserting the condom vaginally. 

Internal condoms work the same way external condoms do. Internal condoms can actually provide more protection against STIs by covering a greater surface area of skin outside the vagina or anus than external condoms do. You can insert an internal condom up to 8 hours prior to sex. Some people find internal condoms are less restrictive on a penis than external condoms.

Currently, most provider offices and stores are not offering internal/female condoms in stores without a prescription. If you are interested in purchasing internal condoms or getting a prescription, please see the FC2 website for more information. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of condoms when prescribed by a physician.

If you are interested in this specifically, please contact We are happy to supply this for interested students due to difficulty in purchasing them.  

Converting External Condoms into Oral Dams 

Most provider offices and stores are not offering dental dams. However, it is possible to make an oral dam from an external condom. You can convert an external condom into a dam by carefully cutting off the tip of the condom and along the length of the condom. See instructions and videos below for more guidance.