If you haven’t heard yet, STARBUCKS IS CLOSED. Where are you going to get your morning Cup o’ Joe now that AfterHours is undergoing renovations this summer?! Don’t panic, there’s still plenty of ways to get your daily dose of caffeine.

Dunkin Donuts

Okay…we get it. If you’re a loyal Starbucks drinker you could never imagine yourself going to a Dunkin Donuts, even though you are in Massachusetts, where we outnumber you 10 to 1. But in case you’re wondering, there are two Dunkin Donuts right on campus (Shillman and Hayden Hall) that are open all summer! Oh, and don’t forget the one in Ruggles on your morning commute to work.


Or take a trip to Quincy, home to the original Dunkin Donuts and drink a little piece of history. Sadly, coffee isn’t 10 cents anymore.


On the corner of Curry Crossroads, On-the-Go is exactly what it sounds like. Grab your own coffee (just how you like it) between classes!

New Grounds Food


Who says you can’t eat your coffee? Started by two Northeastern students in the kitchen of White Hall, New Grounds CoffeeBar contains as much caffeine as a full cup of joe and comes in three great flavors.

French Press


Have you tried making your own coffee yet? (And no, Keurig’s don’t count.) A french press is a great investment for any dorm or apartment and start from as low as $7. You can even make your very own cold brew iced coffee.

Local Coffee Shops

Here are a few local coffee shop favorites that make for a great break between classes.


Pavement is located right on Gainsborough street, and is always bustling with Northeastern students.


A relatively unknown place, Farmer Horse Coffee has great drip coffee and breakfast sandwiches under $5! Their painted windows and great music selection is a great source for inspiration when you just need to get work done.


Take a walk down Columbus and you’ll stumble upon Render, with a sun room perfect for that Sunday cup of coffee and a good book.

Did we miss your favorite coffee shop? Let us know in the comments!