Here at Northeastern there are hundreds of great student organizations to get involved in! We want to highlight some organizations that you may not know, so we’re interviewing members of student organizations to learn a little bit about them and what their club is about. Tune in every week for a new post from The Club Chronicle! 

The Club Chronicle Interview #23: NUTV

Tell me about yourself and your involvement in NUTV. 

My name is Brigitte, I’m a 5th year sociology major and psych minor. I’m the president of NUTV, which is actually not a position I thought I was ever going to be in. I joined the club just for fun because I’d always enjoyed video production but I quickly realized it was something I was actually passionate about and not terrible at. It ended up shaping my career path as well, and  I realized I wanted to pursue a career in the film industry even though I don’t study film. I first joined NUTV’s eboard as marketing director, then last year I was VP and now I’m president.

What does NUTV do?

NUTV is  the only student-run video production club on campus, and we have 3 departments: sports, news, and entertainment, and those are the three genres of videos we produce, so to speak. Since we’re student-run, we make everything from beginning to end, so we write, produce, film, and edit everything ourselves. One of our main goals as a club is to help educate people about the process of video production; I feel like in class you can learn about theory but sometimes you just don’t know how to do something until you actually do it yourself. So we try to provide a space for people to get a hands-on approach to video production, filmmaking, and help to build their portfolio. A lot of people just do it for fun, though, which is also great, and I think we do a good job balancing the fun with the learning. 

Do you have a place where you post your videos?

We post all our videos on our YouTube channel, and we post on all of our social media channels when we upload a new video. 

How often do you post? 

It kind of varies, but it’s about twice a week, since we have a lot of news and sports content that goes out weekly. 

NUTV Member Owen Guinessey chooses between shots in the Shillman Studio as fellow members watch on.

How can students get involved in NUTV?

Students can get involved by simply signing up on to  our mailing list. That’s where all of our department communication happens, so you’ll get reminders for upcoming meetings, as well as . recap emails that cover what happened during the meeting . Video shoots typically happen over the course of the week, so you can still be involved without coming to our weekly meetings. Just sign up for our emails, come to a meeting or a shoot, and that’s it.

How do students get on the mailing list? 

Go to, enter all your info, and check the department(s) you want to join!

Where can students keep up with you on social media?

You can follow us at northeasterntv on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

You have 3 types of videos, so does everyone work on all of it or is it split?

So they’re not exactly three “types” of videos, but each of our departments does have their own meeting time and their own department directors who run things, so they are separate to some degree. In terms of what members can do, though, we encourage people to sign up for as many departments as they want or have time for. Some people are in all three departments, some are in just one, it’s really up to the person and what they’re interested in. 

Members Hailey Otero, Emma Toole, and Natalie D’Ambra make sure their shot is perfect before hitting record.

Do you put on any events? 

We have screenings, normally at the end of the semester, where we round up some of our best videos from that semester and show them on the big screen. We also do a 24 Hour Film Fest every semester. It already happened this semester, but basically, people get into groups and they have 24 hours to create a short film from start to finish. It’s always a chaotic time, but a great bonding and learning experience. Finally, we have  our end-of-semester awards show called the Schefen Awards, which is a great time for us to celebrate our achievements,each other, and just have a great time. The other big thing we do is bring Campus MovieFest to Northeastern every year, and they’re the world’s biggest student film festival. We’re not directly involved but we do organize them coming here, and that’s been happening for more than 15 years.

Do you meet regularly? If so when and where?

As I mentioned earlier, our three departments meet at different times during the week. News meets at  6pm on Mondays in IV 013. Entertainment also meets Mondays, but at 8pm in 102 WVG, andSports meets on Tuesdays at 7:30 in 232 Curry. 

What is your favorite event you’ve been a part of?

It’s honestly hard to choose just one, but every 24 Hour Film Fest I’ve participated in has been so fun and so different. It’s an event that’s mostly put on by the Entertainment Directors but members from all departments participate,  so it’s a great opportunity to get to know the members in other departments. Every year they do a good job of switching up the teams, too, so you’re bound to meet someone knew or work with someone you’ve never worked with before. The energy of it is so chaotic and fun, and everyone is very amped (until we inevitably crash halfway through). The quality of the content honestly isn’t the focus of the event;  it’s more about just making something with other people and having fun. 

How long has NUTV been around for?

We have definitely been around for more than 15 years, the exact number I am unsure of.We definitely have some old tapes lying around the office from who knows when, so we’ve been around for a while. 

Natalie D’Ambra (center) finishes setting up the teleprompter for Courtney LaPointe and Zach Horowitz.

How many students are involved?

We currently have over 70 students involved! And we’re always accepting more! 

What’s one thing you wished people knew about NUTV?

I wish people knew that we really welcome everyone to join, and we mean everyone. We have a number of engineering and CS majors in the club, so it really doesn’t matter what you’re studying as long as you’re interested in video production. Our main goal is to teach people all the skills they need to produce a video, but if you already know how to do that and just want a space to make things and collaborate, we definitely welcome you as well. We’re happy to help people produce whatever they want to do, and we also try to be as accommodating as possible to all ideas and all skill levels. And of course I’m biased, but we have some of the coolest people in our club, so not only are you learning valuable skills, but I like to think that we’re also creating a small family of people who trust and genuinely like each other and can make cool stuff together. 

What is your favorite part about NUTV.

The people, for sure. We use Slack, and in our “random” channel, we’ve had so many interesting conversations about really like, everything. Film, memes, pop culture, current events, etc., and it’s just a good group of people to talk to. Everyone’s super fun and talented and they’re some of the best people you’ll meet. They’ll do almost anything for you, like these people will get up early and film for 10 hours and it never feels like a huge chore because you’re just having so much fun.