Here at Northeastern there are hundreds of great student organizations to get involved in! We want to highlight some organizations that you may not know, so we’re interviewing members of student organizations to learn a little bit about them and what their club is about. Tune in every week for a new post from The Club Chronicle! 

The Club Chronicle Interview #10: NU Rangila

Interview conducted on August 3rd 2019

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and NU Rangila? 

I’m Megha Rao, co-president of NU Rangila with Aparna Dutta. We’re a competitive Bollywood fusion dance team. We meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday to share our passion for dancing.

What is Bollywood fusion?

It means we do way more than just Bollywood. We do other styles like hip hop, contemporary, Indian classic forms, and Bhangra.

How long has the team been around for?

The team was founded in 2011, so it’s been 8 years now!

Rangila placing third at Jersey Jalwa in Spring 2019. 

What goes on at an average meeting?

Eboard gets together before practice and we choreograph songs we have prepped for the coming year. Since we are a competitive fusion dance team we have a lot to think about including applying to competitions, finances, social media and other things. Eboard prepares all that before the girls come into practice. We have a team of about 20 people, and once we’re at practice we all stretch together, teach our sets to the girls, and just keep practicing it until we perfect it.

Are there tryouts? 

We have tryouts every fall and spring. This fall they will be on September 14th in IV 14/16/18 from 2-5PM. We teach a small routine and try to make it fun. We introduce everyone so you get to know the girls on the team. You basically try out and we’ll let you know in about a day whether or not you’ve made the team.

Do you need to have a background in dance?

No, a lot of girls have had no prior dancing experience. The only expectation is a positive attitude!

Rangila Team Photoshoot 2019-2020. Photo by Janice George.

Do you put on any events? 

Most of our events are competitions in the spring. Those are the main priority, but we do perform for other organizations like NU Utsav or the Asian Student Union. Those are our main events, but we also try to fundraise for competitions. For the coming year we have T-shirt sales, Krispy Kreme sales, and to include our culture we have samosa sales and henna.

How do you advertise these events?

We mostly share it on socials like our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Where can students keep up with you on social media?

We have a Facebook page and Instagram page where we post for team birthdays, holidays, special events and performances. It’s a great place to learn more about the individual girls and see us having fun. Our handles on Facebook and Instagram are @nurangila.

Rangila at Dance4Me in Fall 2018. Photo by Shachi Risbud.

What’s one thing you wished people knew about your club?

I wish they knew about the feeling of belongingness you get when you join. For me, I found a group of friends I know I can depend on. Especially since we all hang out so much both during practice and outside at competitions, it makes us feel like we’re a family because you all share the same passion for dance. 

What is your favorite event or competition you’ve done?

This past year we went to New Jersey for Jersey Jalwa. We placed third and it was a great experience because everyone felt all their hours put into the set had finally paid off. It was only our second season competing as a team, and the first time that we had placed in a competition. So it put everything into perspective of our hard work paying off.

Do you travel a lot?

Yeah, we go to around 2-4 competitions in the spring semester in and around the Northeast.

What is your favorite part about your club?

What I like the most is that everyone shares a similar passion. Sharing that passion drives everyone and keeps everyone motivated to do better and keep pushing themselves. It not only motivates us for dance but for school and other parts of our lives. We always can rely on each other– it’s a tight family.