Here at Northeastern there are hundreds of great student organizations to get involved in! We want to highlight some organizations that you may not know, so we’re interviewing members of student organizations to learn a little bit about them and what their club is about. Tune in every week for a new post from The Club Chronicle! 

The Club Chronicle Interview #15: Student Alumni Ambassadors

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Tell me about yourself and your position in Student Alumni Ambassadors.

My name’s Susannah, I am a third year communications major and the Vice President of External Affairs of Student Alumni Ambassadors. I work on social media and marketing for all the events we work on. We work really close with Office of Alumni Relations in order to have a better reach to not only current students but past and future huskies as well. I work really closely with our team in order to put on advertise the events the best we can. 

Can you tell me about what this organization does on campus?

We work to connect young alumni about 0 to 5 years out of Northeastern to current students on campus in an informal networking capacity. We bring them in for panels to answer questions and they also have activities attached to it. In the past we’ve done a social entrepreneurship event, an engineering event, a domestic and foreign affairs event, and this semester we’re focused on business. We bring them in to help students understand what direction they may want to go in post grad and have relatable alumni that aren’t that far out of their shoes to talk to them on a personal and informal level. We also do community service as well as some social bonding to build the tight knit community we really value. 

The Student Alumni Ambassadors at their semesterly retreat. 

So other than the panels do you do other events? 

This semester we’re actually bringing back the Mayor of Huntington Avenue competition. It’s a traditional that’s been on campus since the 1960s and it last happened in 2016. We’re really excited to bring it back this fall, the date is October 30 between 6-8pm. It’s an opportunity to have students vote and to have a panel of judges that are a mix of people important on campus and alumni and the most recent MoHA from 2016. It’s an opportunity to show Northeastern spirit and bring back a tradition that has been going on for decades. In the 60s and 70s MoHA united Northeastern and transformed the campus through school spirit. We’re very excited to bring it back. 

How long has the Student Alumni Ambassadors been around for?

It’s been around for at least since the 50s. We’ve tried to figure out the exact year in the archives we’ve looked back. The oldest thing we could find was MoHA photos and we found our name attached that was pretty cool. We’ve also been partnered with the Office of Alumni Relations for many years, but we separated in 2016. We’re happy to be partnered back together, that’s new this year. 

Do you meet regularly? If so, when and where?

We meet every week on Wednesdays from 6-7pm in West Village G 106. 

SAA representatives volunteering at Round Table, an organization run by an alumnus.

How can students get involved, can they just show up to meetings?

We are actually a closed groups, you have to apply to join. If you send email to we’re more than happy to help accommodate anyone. But all of our events are open to the general Northeastern population. 

How many students are in the organization?

We like to keep our numbers low, it’s around 50 at a maximum. It’s important for us to have a tight knit community. We think it helps events be better but also helps build stronger networks so then we can use network to help other students build theirs. 

Where can students keep up with you on social media?

We have an Instagram and Twitter and then we have a new Instagram and Twitter for MoHA as well. Those are @MOHA_neu for Instagram and Twitter and the general Twitter is  @NortheasternSAA then Instagram is @SAANortheastern. We also have a website

Members of SAA tabling in preparation for Husky Hug, an event in partnership with Northeastern Men’s Hockey.

What is your favorite event you’ve done?

At the beginning of every year we put on an event where we bring back club alumni and we decorate succulents. It’s called ‘the more you grow’, it serves as an introduction to the club. That’s probably my favorite event, this year we had cupcakes. It always has a great showing and incredible to see the excitement around alumni coming back and coming together and all decorating succulents. 

What’s one thing you wished people knew about Student Alumni Ambassadors?

The answer is really just name recognition. There’s those three letter organizations like CUP and SGA, and my dream and the legacy I want to leave is that people know what SAA is and can be up there with CUP and SGA. I think MoHA will help solidify that. Just to know our name around campus and know we’re working to provide educational and social activities and events for past, present, and future huskies. We’re really trying to continue the traditions of Northeastern. 

What is your favorite part about being involved in the Student Alumni Ambassadors? 

It’s really rewarding. I learned a lot of things I didn’t expect. Like I said, I’m a communications major, and we haven’t done any young alumni networking nights about communications, but I’ve still learned an incredible amount just hearing what other alumni have to say. It was unexpected and also exciting because it helped me get everything from a co-op, to being more comfortable in an interview setting, to public speaking.