Here at Northeastern there are hundreds of great student organizations to get involved in! We want to highlight some organizations that you may not know, so we’re interviewing members of student organizations to learn a little bit about them and what their club is about. Tune in every other week for a new post from The Club Chronicle!

The Club Chronicle Interview #2: Northeastern DIY Craft Club

Interview conducted on January 24th 2019

Can you introduce yourself and talk about how you’re involved in the club?

Barbara: My name is Barbara, I’m a 4th year, and I’m the president of the Northeastern DIY Craft Club. The club meets every other Monday at IV in Room 13 at 7pm to organize workshops so that students who are interested in crafts can come and learn how to make crafts. We give them a lot of freedom to make what they want with the materials. They don’t have to pay for the materials, we provide the supplies for all the crafts. It’s a no commitment club. It’s a club for you to make art, have fun and get to know other people.

Club members decorating baby socks to be sent to Boston Children’s Hospital.

How did you get involved in the club?

Barbara: My roommate was really into DIY and crafting when we were both living in IV. She started going to workshops and I heard about it through her, so I went with her. As we kept attending we got very involved and now both of us are Eboard members.

How long has your club been active for?

Barbara: It was active before I started here in 2015, it has been active since 2014.

What kinds of events do you put on?

Barbara: Other than our workshops sometimes we do collabs with other student orgs or groups who are interested in having us help them with making crafts. This semester a Boston elementary school reached out to us asking if we’d like to host a craft program for their after school program. That’s what we’re currently working on. Last year  we also did a collab with the National Residence Hall Honorary at an event to decorate baby socks to get sent to the Boston Children’s Hospital. Any external groups who are interested in collabing with us, we’ll go and help them or we’ll do things with community service like with the school.

What is your favorite craft that you’ve done?

Barbara: I have a preference for jewelry related crafts. I like crafts in general but I feel the ones i can use and display to the public every day are my favorite. Specifically I liked the bird nest necklace we made. Even though I’m the president, I’m not the most skilled at crafts. Whoever comes doesn’t need to be skilled, we all learn together. That craft was especially challenging so the Eboard learned how to do it beforehand and then taught people. Because it was so challenging and it came out so nice, that’s why that was my favorite one.

Bird nest necklace created by a club member.

What kinds of crafts have you made in the past?

Barbara: We make jewelry a lot. Our first meeting this year we made DIY calendars. We did a cookie decorating class, we made notebooks and we’ve made beeswax candles. We post a lot of the crafts we make on our Instagram if people are interested.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about your club?

Barbara: Just how de-stressing it is. That’s really what we want to be known for. Students are very busy with exams and work, and for me making DIY helps me de-stress. That applies to the other members on Eboard too. I don’t want students to see us as a club they have to show up to and just do crafts, I want them to see it as something that will help them destress and have fun and not think about responsibilities and classes. I’d like for them to learn about that aspect about DIY. We’re also not that well known, so we’re working about advertising more to reach out to students who are passionate about DIY and want an opportunity to destress.

What social media do you have that students can follow you on?

Barbara: We have a Facebook page, Northeastern DIY Craft Club, and an Instagram, nu_diy. We are also in the process of making a Pinterest to share crafts we’ve made and get ideas.

How do you normally advertise events?

Barbara: We often create a Facebook event because we have a good amount of followers on Facebook and we also use orgsync. We start by sending emails to those in our orgsync list then we make the event so our Facebook followers can be notified. I think our advertisements are mostly done internally. This year I’d like to have more external advertising like having flyers around or having this interview with you so information about our club can be published more publicly.

How many students are involved in your club?

Barbara: In Eboard we have 4 members but in terms of people who come to workshops I’d say around 7-8 people come to our workshops, but I don’t think it’s usually the same people. Every meeting we see new faces. Sometimes we have that one person who comes regularly. The members who come change, but it’s usually around 7-8 people when it’s not the busy exam season.

What is your favorite part about your club?

Barbara: It’s seeing people make their crafts and having fun. My favorite thing to see is when you have two people who don’t seem to know each other sit next to each other. Then they start making crafts and after a bit you start to see them talk together and bond and have fun makings crafts.