Here at Northeastern there are hundreds of great student organizations to get involved in! We want to highlight some organizations that you may not know, so we’re interviewing members of student organizations to learn a little bit about them and what their club is about. Tune in every other week for a new post from The Club Chronicle!

The Club Chronicle Interview #7: The Global Journal for International Affairs

Interview conducted on February 21st, 2019

Can you tell me about yourself and your position in the Global Journal?

My name is Francesca Batult, I’m the president for the Global Journal for International Affairs.

How did you get involved?

A professor reached out because she thought that I would be interested in submitting something. They then reached out to find people to step up for Eboard and I was approached to become the next president.

How long have you been president?

2 years now.

What does the Global Journal do?

We publish stories that Northeastern students have written about their time abroad, be it Co-op, a dialogue, study abroad or NUin. We serve as a platform for students to provide a narrative reflection on their time abroad. It could be something like a photo series, which we run every spring. We also do essays and publish photography. It’s a platform for students to reflect on their time abroad and for other students to learn about the opportunities Northeastern has to offer and to get student perspectives on those opportunities.We publish a print edition every semester and stories on our website regularly as well.

Where can students find print copies?

Students can pick up copies in the advising office from the advising office on the first floor of Renaissance Park.

Do you put on any events?

We have our launch party where we basically celebrate the launch of our print editions but that’s it.

How long has the Global Journal been around for?

Since 2015. It was founded by an International Affairs student who kind of saw that a lot of the work that International Affairs students do while abroad was not being showcased and she decided she wanted to show that off to the university.

A photo of Petra submitted by Kat Fitzpatrick to the Global Journal

In what ways can students get involved?

We are always looking for story submission for our print editions and for our website. We are looking for people interested in getting involved in editing and submitting photography. We are also looking for people to get involved at our events team to help organize the on campus events we go to like Fall Fest, the Winter Involvement Fair, the Co-op Fair, the Dialogue Fair, and the Study Abroad Fair. At those events, we hand out magazines and talk about student experiences abroad, so we’re looking for people to help with that. We’re also always looking for writers who want to write stories.

How do you promote the Global Journal?

We use our Instagram, Facebook, and website. Like I mentioned before, we attend a lot of events organized by CSSH as well as GEO. We go to things like the Study Abroad Fair and also pre-departure meetings for students going abroad. We have a great relationship with the people who run those meetings, so they let us pitch the magazine, hand magazines out, and hang around after for people to answer questions and talk.

What are your social media handles and website?

The website is, Instagram is globaljournalnu, and Facebook is Global Journal. We also have an email if people want to submit stories but there’s a link on our website too.

What’s the process of submitting a story and getting it published?

You can either email it to us or submit it on the website like I said and it will get sent to an editor who will work with you to fine tune the story. We’re not really political, so we make sure to steer away from bias. The editors help make sure the story is appropriate for the style of the Journal and of course watch out for grammar. We do 2 rounds of edits. It’s done over Google Drive, so the editors submit edits, and the writer approves them. We also ask the writers to submit photos from that experience. Once the edits are over, the Co-Editor in Chiefs, Head Designer, and myself will read through all stories submitted and select 4-5 per region, which are Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, that will make it into our print edition. We can only pick a couple of stories per print because we only have so many pages. Those that don’t get printed get kept into consideration for next semester and get printed on our website as well.

A photo of Geneva submitted to the Global Journal by Kyle Bianchi

Do you meet on a regular basis?

No because of the nature of the magazine we don’t. The editorial team meets once every couple of weeks to go over stories and the Eboard meets every two weeks but writers don’t meet.

What is your favorite part about being involved?

Reading the experiences students have and seeing how that’s impacted their viewpoints. I like seeing the personal journey they go through and how often for the writers it’s not about big moments it’s about little moments, like a conversation with someone. It’s things that they grow to appreciate more that they didn’t before they went abroad. It’s about introspection and learning what matters to you as a person and I found reading those stories made me more aware of those things for myself as well.

What’s one thing you wished people knew about your club?

That it’s really easy to get involved. It’s just a question of writing a story and these stories are a great way to boost your resume. We’re looking for submissions from all majors, we’ve printed stories from the College of Engineering, the Business School, and the College of Science. It’s not just for International Affairs or Poli Sci majors. Often people say they can’t write and I completely disagree. If you can speak you can write that’s what I tell everybody. Don’t be afraid to put your hand to keyboard and write something down. It will be so much better than what you think it will be.