Soirees and Shindigs

Winter Involvement Fair

Fall Fest

A blurry time lapse image of students on campus. There are blurry images of students walking in foreground, while the background showing a student sitting in a chair, trees and a Northeastern campus flag are clear.

Family & Friends Weekend

4 students pose for a picture. They are dressed in Mardi Gras attire, including hats, masks, necklaces and feather boas.

Mardi Gras

A table with around 10 Student Life awards. The awards have a husky figure on the top, followed by a nameplate

Student Life Awards

A group of 6 students pose for a picture. They all have red sashes around their necks.

Huntington 100

A picture from the rainbow graduation event. The image shows a dessert table with cupcakes with different color frostings.

Rainbow Graduation

Weekly Traditions

Lots of students hanging out in a grassy area. There is a building in the background with a mural painted on the wall.

Welcome Week

Student enjoying some indoor rock climbing

Homecoming Week

A female student poses with hands held out, showing the henna designs on the palms of her hands to the camera.

Interfaith Harmony Week

Dennis Maher, an Innocence Project exoneree, spoke about his experience with the American justice system during the roundtable discussion "Rethinking the Criminal Justice System," the keynote event of the Peace and Social Justice Week.

Peace & Social Justice Week

A student walks in front of a wall. The wall features the text SHINE #LikeAHusky in rainbow colors

First Generation Student Week

Picture of an entertainer speaking/singing into a microphone. He has one fist pumped in the air while bright lights shine behind him.

Springfest Week

A female student sits in a grassy area on campus. She is sitting with a Husky dog which is on a leash.

Senior Week

Months to Celebrate

Image of Northeastern banners hanging off of a pole on a rainy fall day

Faith-Tastic February

Musicians playing drums in front of a stage

Black History Month

Image of Northeastern banners hanging off of a pole on a rainy fall day

Latin+ Heritage Month

A large group of Northeastern students at a PRIDE parade


A group of 7 students at Northeastern's Asian American Center

Asian American Heritage Month

Special Events

Annual Veteran's Day Ceremony

2 female students pose in front of greek letters

Panhellenic Recruitment

A choir of people singing

A Tribute to the Dream: Honoring MLK, Jr.

3 students dressed in Northeastern jerseys or sweatshirts

Men's & Women's Beanpot

A large group of hundreds of people gather for the Relay for Life event

Relay for Life

Students talking and laughing.

Husky Hunt