Soirees and Shindigs

Winter Involvement Fair

Fall Fest

A blurry time lapse image of students on campus. There are blurry images of students walking in foreground, while the background showing a student sitting in a chair, trees and a Northeastern campus flag are clear.

Family & Friends Weekend

4 students pose for a picture. They are dressed in Mardi Gras attire, including hats, masks, necklaces and feather boas.

Mardi Gras

A table with around 10 Student Life awards. The awards have a husky figure on the top, followed by a nameplate

Student Life Awards

A group of 6 students pose for a picture. They all have red sashes around their necks.

Huntington 100

A picture from the rainbow graduation event. The image shows a dessert table with cupcakes with different color frostings.

Rainbow Graduation

Weekly Traditions

Lots of students hanging out in a grassy area. There is a building in the background with a mural painted on the wall.

Welcome Week

Student enjoying some indoor rock climbing

Homecoming Week

A female student poses with hands held out, showing the henna designs on the palms of her hands to the camera.

Interfaith Harmony Week

Peace & Social Justice Week

A student walks in front of a wall. The wall features the text SHINE #LikeAHusky in rainbow colors

First Generation Student Week

Picture of an entertainer speaking/singing into a microphone. He has one fist pumped in the air while bright lights shine behind him.

Springfest Week

A female student sits in a grassy area on campus. She is sitting with a Husky dog which is on a leash.

Senior Week

Months to Celebrate

Image of Northeastern banners hanging off of a pole on a rainy fall day

Faith-Tastic February

Musicians playing drums in front of a stage

Black History Month

Image of Northeastern banners hanging off of a pole on a rainy fall day

Latin+ Heritage Month

A large group of Northeastern students at a PRIDE parade


A group of 7 students at Northeastern's Asian American Center

Asian American Heritage Month

Special Events

Annual Veteran's Day Ceremony

Panhellenic Recruitment

A choir of people singing

A Tribute to the Dream: Honoring MLK, Jr.

3 students dressed in Northeastern jerseys or sweatshirts

Men's & Women's Beanpot

A large group of hundreds of people gather for the Relay for Life event

Relay for Life

Students talking and laughing.

Husky Hunt